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  • Sends and receives RF signals to and from power controllers
  • Uses a replaceable 3V CR2032 lithium coin cell battery with a 7-10 year battery life
  • LED light indicates that the switch was turned on/off or that the battery is low
  • Works with any Levven Controls power controller
  • Available in White
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    Levven Controls CSDW Decorator-style wireless switches are finished with standard decorator wall plates. The switch attaches to any surface; no holes, no switch boxes, and no wire.

    • EASY SWITCH INSTALLATION – Add switches without cutting holes in the wall or pulling new wire. Levven controllers connect to the power and load wires in the junction box. Levven switches go on any surface; no switch box required.
    • SAFE AND RELIABLE – Levven is a leader in wireless electrical controls. Levven proudly engineers and manufactures its products in Canada.
    • EASY MULTI-WAY SWITCHING – Use multiple switches and controllers to create single-, 3-way, and 4-way switches. Up to 10 different switches can pair with a GPC10 On/Off power controller. Any Levven switch can be paired to an unlimited number of power controllers in the home group.
    • FLEXIBILITY – Levven switches have a maximum range of 250 feet, so it’s possible to have a switch downstairs that controls lights upstairs or a switch indoors that controls the lights in an outbuilding. Switches can be moved, and more Levven switches and controllers can be added and paired with existing controllers at any time.
    • ADD SMART FEATURES – Levven Q Gateway enables smart features on every Levven device in your home. Control all Levven devices from your smartphone, create Rooms, reconfigure what a switch operates with just a few taps, voice control via Google Home Assistant and Alexa integrations, and more!