HOLDS-A-BIT KIT INLCUDES: 1 EA: 70000, 70140G, 70240R, 70241BL, 70531R,

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Every moment during a project that you spend looking for the right tool is wasted time and results in frustration and bad decisions. The ingenious HOLDSaBIT slips on or off a drill in seconds. Simply pull one loop over the front of the drill and pull the second loop to the back of the drill. The HOLDSaBIT will hold any 1/4″ hex shank item as well as pencils, nut drivers and hex shank drill bits. Tips and bits are easily inserted and removed. This handy items keeps your drill bit accessories “Where you need them – When you need them.”

Sold in a kit with bits or sold separately.
Hold any 1/4″ hex shank items as well as pencils, drill bits, etc.
Can be used on drill or tool belt.
4 channels to fit a variety of length bits