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Each J & J GFCI Load Center Kit Includes: Circuit Breaker, Enclosure, Grounding Bar, and Installation Instructions.
Available in 20 through 60-amp rating
Filtratec technology for additional noise filtration that resists false tripping
Complies with both NEC articles 680.44 And 680.12
Standard 1" format with plug-in design
UL listed under standard UL 489
Each model has a UL interrupting rating of 10,000 RMS
CSA Certified
Uses copper or aluminum conductor
Low voltage stability (resists tripping from brown outs, 50 vac minimum)

J&J Electronics Siemens 30 AMP 220V GFCI load center offers peace of mind in portable spa safety products. This 30 AMP version has low voltage stability to resist tripping and provides critical protection against ground faults for portable spa users. It features advanced filtratec technology that provides additional noise filtration and distinguishes between noise feedback from spa components and genuine ground faults, preventing false tripping. J & J Electronics' GFCI load centers provide NEC required GFCI protection and a disconnecting means. Be confident in the knowledge that this load center meets NEC requirements and is back by a lifetime warranty. GFCI should only be installed by a certified and qualified Electrician.