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Champion 8.5kW Home Standby Generator

The Champion 8.5kW Standby Generator 100199 supplies your most essential circuits with power for refrigerators, freezers, sump pumps, lights, furnace, computers, security systems, televisions, and more with electricity during an outage. It can even power an air conditioner. Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) sold separately.

Home represents security, health, convenience, and safety—principles all homeowners hold dear. Don’t put these ideals at risk. Every year, millions of homeowners go without power during extended power outages that last hours, days, even weeks. No power means no lights, heating or air conditioning. The Internet doesn’t work. Food spoils in refrigerators and freezers. A day or two without power can cost thousands in repairs and irreplaceable lost heirlooms, treasures, and memories. A model 100199 Champion Home Standby 8.5kW Generator can change everything.

8.5kW Champion Home Generator

Your Champion 8.5-kW Home Standby Generator seamlessly provides 24/7 power to your home. All the essentials you count on to keep your family and home safe work during a power outage—lights, heating and air conditioning, major appliances including refrigerators and freezers, security systems, sump pumps, and home business equipment plus all the conveniences you choose. No worries over flooded basements, spoiled food in the refrigerator or freezer, or frozen pipes in the winter that burst and flood your home. Flashlights, extension cords, and refueling portable generators in the dark are history. The Champion Home Standby 8.5kW Generator detects outages, starts automatically in seconds, and delivers continuous, reliable power to your home.

The Champion Home Standby Generator delivers 8500 watts of clean, reliable power to your home with less than 5% total harmonic distortion and frequency regulated to 60 hertz by the engine governor. Voltage regulation maintains output to power sensitive electronics, motors, and other loads. No shutting down to refuel in the dark. No extension cords to run. It runs automatically and supplies power within seconds after an outage occurs.

A 24-Volt Starting System, an industry first, allows reliable starting down to -22o F, ideal for cold climates with double the starting power of competing models. The Champion 8.5kW Standby Generator won’t let you down in cold weather. During outages lasting hours or days, a Champion Generator keeps the heat on and your home safe and comfortable.

Maintenance and controller access to your Champion Home Standby 8.5kW Generator couldn’t be easier. Gull-wing doors open to the sides and allow simple access for maintenance and controls. Easily access the spark plugs, filters, and oil drain. Check the oil and top it off as necessary without struggling to reach the necessary components.

Whether you live in a quiet suburban neighborhood, small town, or out in the country, you’ll appreciate the exceptionally quiet operation of your Champion 8.5-kW Home Standby Generator. At just 63dB(A), this generator runs quieter than most competing units.

Champion 8.5kW 100199

The Champion Standby Generator includes a 10-year warranty—twice what other manufacturers offer. Homeowners have lifetime access to technical support from trained, dedicated experts. Tough and built to last, a Champion 8.5kW Standby Generator 10019 provides years of reliable backup power and the peace of mind that goes with it.

Champion 8.5kW Standby Generator Model 100199 requires two 12-Volt, Group U1, 350CCA Batteries (Not Included) available at local automotive parts stores, battery stores, and home centers.