*FULL 75M ROLLT* 18/8 LVT 75

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Southwire's 18/8 FAS/LVT thermostat cable is used in wiring low voltage heating and air conditioning controls, bell and annunciator systems.

  1. Manufactured with a solid bare copper conductor and color coded PVC insulation. The PVC jacket is flexible and flame retardant. Ripcord under the jacket for jobsite ease of use.
  1. Minimum recommended installation and operating temperature is minus 20°C.
  1. Maximum allowable conductor temperature is 60°C.
  1. Maximum voltage rating for the FAS cable is 300V. Maximum voltage rating for the LVT cable is 30V.
  1. Consult the most recent Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) or a licensed electrician for further information related to applications.