Dock De-icer Bubblers

are the ideal solution for preventing ice damage caused by moving ice. Dock De-icer bubblers can be used to protect docks, boathouses, boat lifts, power dams, barges, boats to name a few applications. We build models from 1/2 horsepower 115 volt plug in models to 3 horsepower 575 volt industrial de-icer bubblers that are designed for the harshest conditions. They are available with several power cable length options. We have been building these since 1979 and use only the best materials. Our motors and mounts are stainless steel for durability. Power cables remain flexible in freezing conditions and industrial models come equipped with a submersible connector to make installation easier. Our de-icer bubblers have been used in many harsh locations including tailing ponds in northern Alberta, diamond mines in the Northwest Territories to name a few. They are Arctic proven for durability and are available in models that move from 500 to 2700 gallons per minute.

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